New Podcast series! Introducing: RECRUITERS Review

New Podcast series! Introducing: RECRUITERS Review

Today marks a very special day for RECRUITERS as we're delighted to announce the introduction of our Podcast Series - RECRUITERS Review.

Listeners can tune into our podcast series on either SoundCloud or iTunes:

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As the first Recruitment Agency in Ireland to host a podcast, I couldn't be more proud of the team or more proud to say I work at RECRUITERS

Why a podcast?

The simple answer - I love them. I'm a regular listener of podcasts such as Intercom's "Inside Intercom", Fortunes "Wheelhouse" podcast in addition to others such as "West Cork" and "An Irish Man Abroad" to name a few. 

Not only do I find them convenient, but I also find the content incredibly accessible, valuable and on-demand. Sometimes I might catch the end of a really interesting conversation on the radio in the morning only to curse the radio gods for missing the beginning. Sure, I could go online and listen back but that would probably entail signing up to something, trying to find the show and trying to find the exact minute of that show...all of this whilst listening to terrible ads from Harvey Norman! 

Justifying RECRUITERS Review to my peers:

Like all business decisions, you need to take emotion out of the equation. I love them but a podcast takes up resources – financial, human and time resources which are all scarce. So, why have a Podcast series at RECRUITERS?

1. Our prospects are listening:

According to a survey carried out by Fora, roughly two-in-five news consumers in Ireland said that they listened to a podcast. That put Ireland well ahead of the 27% EU average – it’s also a higher rate of podcast listeners than registered in the UK (18%) or US (33%).

Two of our company values are drive and creativity. When I joined RECRUITERS, I was new and unaware of the industry. I wasn't concerned with what our competitors had been doing and how they've been doing it for the past few decades. I wanted to meet people where they are and drive value through our content in a new and creative way. 

2. We meet inspiring people every day - it is our job after all:

As a Recruitment Agency, we meet and interview incredibly talented people every day. Our candidates and clients are intelligent, interesting and genuinely nice people. We wanted to provide a platform that celebrates them, their career paths, their businesses and their insights so that our listeners could learn and apply their knowledge back to growing their own business and/or developing their own careers.

3. Expand our reach and message:

A podcast allows us to demonstrate our credibility and expertise. By sharing our expertise and the expertise of our guests in HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance and Technology, we become valuable to thousands of listeners and not just to those on the other end of the phone or across a board-room table.

4. Attract and retain high-quality guests & listeners:

RECRUITERS Review aims to pick the minds of practitioners from some of this generation's fastest growing and successful companies based in Ireland. Folks that have started building teams from the ground up. It provides RECRUITERS with another opportunity to speak with our customers and further build our relationship with them. This is really important to our business and has always been one of our USPs as an agency.

Our guests will not just be existing clients, however. By speaking to both clients and non-clients, we’ll expose all possible frameworks and philosophies from all industry leaders and decision-makers that can be applied back to growing your own teams and ultimately your businesses.  

Candidates and job hunters also stand to benefit from getting insights into our guests' businesses as a place to work and develop their knowledge and skills in their areas of expertise. Our guests' insights can be applied back to how candidates perform at their new/existing workplace which will demonstrate their ability to learn and develop to their employers which, over time, will lead to productivity and promotion. 

5. Podcasts are fun

Above all, hosting a podcast is work I look forward to. I get to meet and interview interesting guests, and connect with listeners I may not have heard from any other way. If you’re spending 80% of your life in the office, you gotta enjoy what you do!

It just so happens that Fun is also one of our five Company values.

What should you expect from RECRUITERS Review?

On the RECRUITERS Review podcast, you will hear the team from RECRUITERS interview the makers and doers from the worlds of Sales, Marketing, Technology, Finance and HR from growing and successful businesses based here in Ireland.

Our aim is to expose frameworks and philosophies that can be applied back to growing our listeners own teams whilst providing valuable insights for job hunters to develop their own expertise and landing their dream jobs.

Where can I tune-in to RECRUITERS Review?

Listeners can find our podcast series on SoundCloud and iTunes. We hope to expand to all podcast platforms before the end of the year.

Listen on SoundCloud

Listen on iTunes


I really hope you enjoy our podcast series. I’m confident you will gain and value from them. Any support you can provide me on my journey would be so appreciated. I joined the RECRUITERS team in January 2018. In addition to my brief, I personally set myself five goals to achieve before the year-end. In no particular order, these were:

  • To improve our websites online SEO score.
  • To become the highest rated Recruitment Agency in Ireland on Google Reviews.
  • To become the most followed Recruitment Agency on Instagram in Ireland.
  • To win an award for the Company - one that was independent of our industry-body awards.
  • To start a Podcast series.

I'm happy to say that we are currently the highest rated Recruitment Agency in Ireland from all agencies with 10+ Google reviews. We are rated 4.9/5 from 98 reviews; Our online SEO score now stands at 84, up 58% from 53; We are the most followed Recruitment Agency on Instagram in Ireland with about 1,800 followers based in Ireland and RECRUITERS won "Best Managed Services Recruitment Professionals of the Year" at the All-Star Business Awards in Croke Park (we were pipped at the post for "Customer Focused Business of the Year" and "CEO of the Year"). 

One last thing, if you would like to feature as a guest on RECRUITERS Review, please do get in touch with me directly at I'd love to meet you. 

Thank you! 

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Head of Marketing | RECRUITERS

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