5 ‘Other’ things you need to know about SentryOne in Dublin

5 ‘Other’ things you need to know about SentryOne in Dublin

As you sit in your office coding away, you can’t help but look forward to logging off for the weekend (you can already hear those after work beers calling, right?)

Well, I want to share with you 5 things that one US Tech Firm can give you to make your week that bit sweeter.

1. Stunning offices

SentryOne is located in the WeWork building at Iveagh Court, and this place. Is. AWESOME!




Cool officesThe building consists of a number of EMEA headquarters for businesses from all walks of life and corners on the globe. WeWork Dublin is a hub of creativity, tech and commerce.



2. Fantastic Tech

Whether you’re looking for a top spec, a high-performance system to work away on, or you want to grab a laptop and chill at the couches; don’t worry, we got you.

Guy on laptop 3. Social culture Speaking of chilling …

There is plenty of opportunities to enjoy the social aspect of work.

Feel like relaxing with your colleagues / other WeWork inhabitants over a coffee? Go on, treat yourself to a semi-skimmed-mocha-chai-extra-cream-godknowswhat, they’re free!


Need something a little stronger? No problem, head downstairs to the in-house, complimentary bar and enjoy a wind down at the end of the week. (Copper Face Jacks is down the road ... don’t say we didn’t warn you!)


4. Location

Not only will you be in the heart of Dublin, but the transport options for this area are fantastic. You’ll be directly opposite the Luas green line, or 5 – 10 minutes from your bus stop.



5. You matter...a lot!

So we’ve talked about the great office, the social aspect, but what about the job itself?

This is a brand spanking new team, and you are going to play a vital role in how this team operates.

Throughout the year we will be bringing more developers on board, and you will help create the culture that shapes them.

You will communicate directly with the UK and US development teams including 8 Microsoft MVPs. As they move forward and focus on the growth of the EMEA HQ and this core R&D team, they will look to you, and they will listen.

If you want to talk about working as a .NET Developer for SentryOne, reach out to me and say hi! My name's Ruby smile

Find out more about SentryOne and the role's they're currently hiring for here

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