The most popular articles of 2018 on the RECRUITERS Review blog

The most popular articles of 2018 on the RECRUITERS Review blog

It was such an interesting year for the RECRUITERS Review blog. We featured guest posts, events with our competitors, our new podcast series, posts from new members of our team and general updates to its look and feel based on our readers feedback. 

In retrospect, it was a really exiting year for RECRUITERS and every article had a genuine story behind it. We had a blast! We’d like to take this opportunity to thanks everyone that supported our blog and we hope you’ll continue to do so in 2019 and beyond.

So, without further ado, here’s a look back on 2018’s top ten articles based on web traffic analytics. If there is any you liked in particular, please let us know or share our article on our Facebook, LinkedIn or twitter channels!

1. RECRUITERS CV Templates

Excerpt: We provided different styles of CV template that will leave hiring managers saying "we have to meet you!". Job seekers could pick their preferred CV template and simply input their personal information and experience. All 10 templates were completely free and simple to download. Due to its popularity, we’ve no doubt it helped thousands of people secure their next dream job in Ireland.

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2. Ten over-used CV buzzwords that drive Hiring Managers nuts!

Excerpt: That's right. Your CV can meet all the requirements and still end up in the "no" pile if it includes certain over-used buzzwords that drive Hiring Managers nuts! We asked Hiring Managers across Ireland, what over-used words in a CV drive them nuts, with interesting results...

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3. RECRUITERS win at the All Star Business Awards

Excerpt: RECRUITERS picked up a win at the All-Star Business Awards for "Best Managed Services Recruitment Professionals of the Year, 2018/2019. The Business All-Stars is an annual competition designed to identify, recognise and accredit Irish companies and individuals that have distinguished themselves in the conduct of their business over the last 12 months. 

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4. Why Recruitment Consultancy is the Best Job!

Excerpt: Good recruiters and being the best at recruitment are indispensable skills to hiring managers that are struggling with the fact that good people are hard and costly to find.

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5. Six do’s and don’ts for your cover letter

Excerpt: When writing your cover letter, you should always think of it as a way to compliment your CV. Your CV is there to bring your skills to life with facts and figures, so use your cover letter to show a flicker of your personality. As long as you adhere to a few do’s and don'ts you have room to be a little more creative. So take a look at our list to ensure that you’re ready to impress the recruiters.

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6. My first impressions of working at RECRUITERS

Excerpt: RECRUITERS is not just a great Recruitment Consultancy – it’s also a brilliant place to work. I recently joined RECRUITERS as Marketing Manager, and last week took the time to think about some of the great things about working here. I really appreciate the opportunity to share this with a wider audience, and hope you’ll get some insight into what it’s like working at RECRUITERS. I’ve been working for RECRUITERS for nearly three months now, so for no particular reason here’s a list of things that have stood out.

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7. Podcast | RECRUITERS Review with Wendy Harris

Excerpt: Whether you're an established company bringing your product to a new market or a start-up looking to scale, you’re going to have to build out a crucial business function – Sales. To kick off our new podcast series, I was lucky to be joined by Wendy Harris from CarGurus. Wendy’s no stranger to Sales having worked as Head of UKI Mid-Market Sales at AdRoll, Director of EMEA Core Enterprise Sales at Dropbox as well as a whole host of other household brands such as Facebook, Goldman Sachs and Davy before joining the CarGurus team as VP of European Sales in January of this year.

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8. Podcast | RECRUITERS Review with Jamie White on Events

Excerpt: As the year draws to a close, we wanted to take an episode of our podcast and use it to share some behind the scenes insights into a common grey area in the marketing mix – Events. We handed the mic over to one of Ireland’s leaders in this space, Jamie White. In this podcast, Jamie takes us behind the scenes and explains why he's invested so heavily in events as part of his marketing mix, how he measures their success, and the principles at play to get a head start with your future events.

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9. RECRUITERSource beats expectations…again

Excerpt: “We engaged RECRUITERS for their managed services RECRUITERSource product to build SentryOnes new EMEA team. They quickly understood our requirements and took all the hassle out of finding us a superb shortlist of candidates from which we made all our initial hires. We saved a lot of time and cost and highly recommend the service”. Kimberly Whiteman, Talent Manager, SentryOne.

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10. Event: Freelancers of Ireland, we salute you!

Excerpt: Before crafting your career as a Freelancer in Ireland, there are certain things you need to know about this talent revolution. What better place to start then with real-life lessons from Ireland's leading Freelancers. On Wednesday, 10th of October, RECRUITERS hosted an event: "Freelancing: A Talent Revolution - Craft your career with lessons from the lancers". Our aim was to expose frameworks and philosophies that could be applied back to crafting or developing your own career as a Freelancer.

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So there you have it folks...Our top 10 most popular articles of 2018! We wish everyone a very happy and prospourous new year. We really look forward to doing it all again with you in 2019!

From all the team here at RECRUITERS,

Happy New Year! 

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